WVM Catalog Entry Form

Example: Lakeview, OR; 100 mi E of Klamath Falls, OR
Examples: 98% BLK, few BWF or 50% BLK, 25% CHAR, bal RED
Examples: AngX Cows, Char Bulls or Ang, AngX Cows, Blk Ang Bulls
Examples: On cow on Native Grass; Native Grass; Chopped Hay; Irrigated Pasture
Products should be listed in following order: Clostridial, Respiratory, Additional Vaccines i.e. Pinkeye, etc., Vitamins, Dewormer.
Example: Zoetis UltraChoice 8 (2X), Bovi-Shield Gold One Shot (2X), Noromectin Inj. (1X)
Branding: UltraChoice 8, Inforce 3, Piliguard, Dectomax; Preshipping: UltraChoice 8, Bovi-Shield Gold One Shot, Piliguard, Dectomax
e.g. 12345 CA
Examples: Early AM gather, sort from cows, haul on goosenecks 3 miles, sort for sex, weigh on ground, 1% shrink. Standard weigh conditions can be indicated with fields below.

Ver Nat
Cert Organic
GAP   Level  
 I certify that my ranch or cattle consigned meet the documentation and approval requirements for the claims listed above.

Terms and Conditions

I do hereby consign the above described livestock to Shasta Livestock Auction Yard, Inc. to be sold . I agree to deliver said livestock according to the terms and conditions set forth above. I also warrant that cattle are free of all liens and encumbrances except as below. I agree to pay 2% commission of the gross sales, OR a $10.00 PER HEAD minimum charge on all sales, whichever is greater. I agree to pay all weighing, brand inspection and health charges. Scales used must have a current certification. Seller gives permission to Shasta Livestock to sign sales/purchase contract in lieu of seller's presence after the sale.

 I have read and understand the Western Video Market Terms and Conditions, and also understand that I may be subject to additional terms as stipulated by my contract with my representative auction yard.



*For a complete description of recognized WVM Vaccination Programs, click here.

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