Catalog Changes

June 8, 2023 - Cottonwood, CA

Lot # Seller Category Changes
608 MOLNAR CATTLE LLC SPECIAL PROG,AGE SAV, NHTC, Verified Natural, GAP 4, VEG FED, Humanely Handled;RCR, EarthClaims
620 YOLO LAND & CATTLE CO. COMM Very nice set of Spring 2022 yearling steers ready to go to work for your program. Will be pregged open prior to shipping.
621 YOLO LAND & CATTLE CO. COMM Nice group of Spring 2022 yearling heifers. Will be pregged open prior to shipping.
633 JASON JOHNSON BREED,HD CNT,WT,COMM 70% RED, bal BLK; Ang, AngX;46;1200#;Selling one big (55,000#) load of purchased cows from 4-6 years old. Will make CA legal load at buyers' request. Cows were preg checked on 6/2/23 by DVM, and are bred to calve from 9/1 to 10/30/23. Cows are bred to VAL and Romans Charolais bulls.

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