May 5, 2016
Shasta Livestock / Cottonwood, California


There have been changes to some of the catalog information for the cattle being sold today.
We have tried to stay up with  these changes in the online catalog, but you should listen to the word from the auction block for the most up-to-date information. Thanks!

For Desktop / laptop computer with Flash*

High Bandwidth

Video & Audio
LAN / cable modem / DSL
(these are preferred)

Medium Bandwidth

Video & Audio
For Desktop/Laptop with Flash
Satellite / slower connections

Install the most recent Flash Player 
MacroMedia Flash Button  

*Although it's normally under one second for desktop computers, the Flash video stream may experience a lag from real time (also called 'latency') of up to a few seconds. If you are using the Internet webcast to watch while you bid over the phone, please turn down the volume and let your representative keep you up on the bidding.

If you have Flash Player installed, it's a good idea to give the video a test run by going to any lot in the Video Sale Catalog and watching the cattle video to make sure you have the most recent version.

For iPhone, iPad, & Android phones and tablets

High Bandwidth

Video & Audio
wi-fi, 4G, and 3G

The technology for Live Video Streaming to mobile device is still in its infancy. Device compatibility is one of the biggest challenges. Carefully follow the tips below to help you maximize your viewing experience:

• For Android phone and tablet users, you need to be running on Android version 4.1 or newer. If you are not sure, upgrade it anyway. There are many advantages to this upgrade.

• Android users will also need to download a new version of the Google Chrome browser from the App store. It needs to be version 26 or newer. If you are not sure, download a fresh copy anyway. The default web browser that comes with your device does not work in most cases.

• For Apple iPhone and iPad users, be sure to upgrade to iOS 5 or newer, and use the built-in Safari browser.

• Live mobile streaming on mobile devices has an inherent time delay that CAN BE up to 50 seconds. Be mindful of this fact when bidding decisions are involved.

• If the streaming video hangs up due to a problem with the network connection, simply tap the video screen and click on the Play button again.

• If you are viewing the Live Stream through a 3G cellular network, it is important to get 4 bars or stronger signal. Try to switch to a Wi-Fi connection if possible.

• If you are not on an unlimited cellular data plan, be aware that video streaming consumes your data quota very quickly. Try to switch to a Wi-Fi connection if possible.

• We welcome your feedback in order to continuously improve your viewing experience. Tell us about your viewing experience by sending an email to: If possible, please include the type of device and the version of software you are using.

For Androids, download the latest version of Google Chrome browser


Alternative for Apple iPad/iPhone Users: 
For those of you with an Apple iPad/iPhone, you may purchase a "Flash compatible" iOS browser App called "Photon" from the Apple App Store. This third-party browser will allow to you view any Flash-based streaming video normally designed for desktop computers with the Flash plug-in installed. When viewing the Flash stream with this special web browser, you will enjoy a greatly reduced time delay for the video stream. It is generally reduced to just a second or so when compared to the 10 to 50 seconds delay via the "mobile" stream.

Photon app for iPad

** Photon tip: Click on the lightning bolt icon in the top right-hand corner to activate Flash compatibility mode

Western Video has teamed up with California State University-Chico to bring you this auction via the Internet. If you have a broadband connection (DSL, Cable, T-1) you'll be able to watch in very nearly real time. This means you can see and hear the auction with a normal delay of under a second.... and bid on cattle with a telephone call to the sale site. WVM has also recently enabled Internet bidding. Click below for more details.

CLICK HERE for Internet bidding

 The quality of the video you receive will depend on the speed of your Internet connection. A broadband connection (Wireless, DSL, T1, Cable ) will allow you to watch the sale as it's happening. There is also a  Medium Bandwidth  option that allows you to watch the sale with some satellite and other, slower Internet connections. The video will have slightly less clarity than broadband. 

Internet Speed Test #1              Internet Speed Test #2

For Technical Help (with webcast problems only...NOT satellite TV or online bidding issues) please call: (530) 898-5337