As a cattle producer, you know the market has its share of ups and downs. But when you're ready to sell, you always want the best price you can get.

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May 5, 2016
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Introducing the "Circle 25" Slide

Western Video Market is excited to announce a new marketing option for consignors--the "Circle 25" Slide. This is a 25 lb. "up and down" slide and provides a weight insurance policy for both buyers and sellers. This new option will be available beginning with our April 13th sale. 

How it works:
1.      A 25# Weight Stop above the base weight.
2.      A maximum 25 lb. slide/price stop below the base weight.

 Example: A load of cattle is based at 500 lbs. and sells for $2.00/lb with a 20₵ slide. At shipping, cattle net 535 lbs., 35 lbs. above base weight, but with a 25 lb. weight stop.  

            25 lbs. over base 
       x  .20 slide
       $5.00 deduct from base price

Price per animal would be $1.95 X 525 lbs.

 At shipping, cattle net 465 lbs., 35 lbs. below[i] the base weight, but with a 25 lb. slide/price stop.

            25 lbs. under base
x .20 slide
$5.00 added to base price

Price per animal would be $2.05 X 465 lbs. 

[i] When figuring the price on cattle that come in under the base weight, the actual net weight is used. Sellers only receive a maximum 25 lbs. of slide/price adjustment.

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